Have you ever imagined the excitement of communicating with your family and friends in Brazil? Your chance has arrived to build stronger connections with your loved ones. We introduce our Brazilian Passport Course – Beginner Level, specially designed for you.


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Group classes via Zoom or Google Meet

Small group of students (only 4)

This course is suitable for individuals at the beginner level, whether they are embarking on their Portuguese learning journey for the first time or seeking to reinforce their existing knowledge of the language and culture.
You will have access to an online community where you can talk to your group and share your knowledge with other people who speak Portuguese.

Can’t attend the live class? Don’t worry, you can watch a replay later. All classes are recorded and a replay is available for 30 days.

The course consists of 12 modules, including downloadable PDFs, pronunciation exercises, tasks and other assignments. All our material is bilingual: Portuguese-English.
Member’s area, yes! You will find a curated collection of learning materials tailored and organized. Organizing content in a structured manner helps you to navigate through your learning journey effectively.
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Comprehensive study material. All our material is bilingual: Portuguese-English.
Group classes via Zoom or Google Meet. Our classes are recorded and you will have 30-day access to class recordings for extra review.
Feedback on homework assignments and personalized support.
WhatsApp Group. Access to a private Telegram group with teachers and classmates.
Small group of students once a week for 12 weeks (only 4 students per class).
2 Private lessons.
🌟 Reasons for You to Join the First Class of Our Portuguese Course! 🌟
Our first class is a unique opportunity for you to receive personalized attention and direct guidance from your Brazilian teacher. With classes of only 4 students, we’ll have more time to focus on your specific learning needs.
By joining the first class, you’ll be building the foundations of your knowledge in the Portuguese language. We’ll have more time to delve into grammar and pronunciation fundamentals, preparing you to come to Brazil with confidence.
By joining the first class, you’ll become part of a community of peers from different parts of the world, all motivated to learn and enhance their Portuguese skills. The cultural exchange will be enriching and inspiring.
To celebrate the course launch, we’re offering a special price for first-class students. This is a unique opportunity to access high-quality content at a more affordable cost.
We understand the importance of creating a welcoming and judgment-free learning environment. Our classes are designed to be inclusive and encouraging, where you can practice without the fear of making mistakes. It’s through mistakes that we learn and evolve.
I am a native Portuguese teacher qualified to instruct you in different accents and speech styles. You will receive specific guidance to enhance your pronunciation and clarity, ensuring that you are understood and feel confident when communicating. Don’t let passing concerns hinder you from embarking on this learning journey. The first class is a unique opportunity that will offer lasting advantages in your new endeavor. We are excited to welcome you and embark on this linguistic adventure together!
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Classes on Fridays at 4pm (Brasília time)

Week 01

September 15

Week 02

September 22

Week 03

September 29

Week 04

October 6

Week 05

October 13

Week 06

October 20

Week 07

27 October

Week 08

November 3

Week 09

November 10

Week 10

November 17

Week 11

November 24

Week 12

December 1

2 private lessons
access to the community of students
a variety of content to study on your own time
Our classes are recorded and you will have 30-day access to class recordings for extra review
Who is your teacher?
Olá, Meu nome é Carina!
Brazilian Portuguese was established by my passion for teaching languages. I have a degree in Modern Languages and currently taking a postgraduate course in bilingualism and plurilingualism at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo. Knowledge is a powerful tool for transformation. I am excited to share my experience with you, let's grow together.

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